Taking the Dale Carnegie Training was a very positive experience for me. Through the course of the program I was able to overcome a fear of public speaking that had plagued me since grade school. I was also able to strengthen inter-office relationships by using some of the basic principles taught during the course. I am the third staff member at to graduate from Dale Carnegie and we have enrolled additional people for the next course. I would highly recommend the Dale Carnegie Course for anyone that has contact with the public, especially managers, supervisors and sales people.

Dan Williams, Sales Manager - Peterbilt of Wyoming

I’d like to complement and congratulate you and DCT on the fine instructor and coach you have in Elissa Ruckle. I have had the pleasure to participate and grow in DCT’s most recent class here in Casper. Elissa’s professionalism, personality and absolute passion for the Dale Carnegie material made the class one of the best I have participated in my 30 years in a leadership role.

As I’m sure you are aware, great teachers are commonly great people. Elissa proved this time and time again throughout the course by guiding us and helping us to gain confidence that we never thought we possessed. I am most impressed with Elissa’s ability to help us find the correct answers when we strayed off the path of the thought and made us look good doing it - for that I, and I’m sure others are, eternally grateful. Elissa is one of those rare people who is so passionate about her calling that those of us who come in contact with her cannot help but adopt some of that very same passion and I can assure you that my life and outlook are forever changed thanks to Elissa. Please continue the good work that you do as it helps us become better people.

Kelly F. McGowan, Operations Manager - Rocky Mountain Region - J.W. Williams, Inc.

The skills and tools I learned from the Dale Carnegie Training course have been truly beneficial not only for myself, but also for the people that I work with, and even those that are a closer, bigger part of my life. We go through life trying different ways to deal with each individual person, many times failing and trying again until finding something that works. The great thing about the training is that it gives you streamlined tried and true methods for building relationships. Honestly, as cheesy as it sounds, the whole course was almost like having a new epiphany each week.

Charles Irwin, Assembly - URS - J.W.Williams