I personally attended a local Dale Carnegie Training workshop through the Gillette chamber in 2001. I went on to take the full Carnegie course. I went back as a Graduate Assistant and continue to send all my people to DCT. Myself, my management team, sales team and staff have taken several other courses through the years. It is my belief that investment in training for businesses staff results in higher levels of employee satisfaction, lower levels of turn-around, safer work environments, and increased efficiencies.

Since 2000, we have expanded worldwide. After partnering with DCT, we have grown from a $20 million local company to a $100 million global company. This was more than a sales effort; this was a team effort. Obviously sales played a large part in finding and keeping the customers. We provide excellent customer service and have created a loyal customer base. DCT has played a major role in our culture, communication, leadership and sales process.

Jeff Wandler, President & Owner - L&H Industrial

FCSWDD chose to partner with Dale Carnegie Training to benefit the overall operation through improved management. Operational improvements start from the top down, therefore, with managers better equipped to instill confidence and motivation through clear communication with staff, the District will see more efficient and safe facilities.

Since the start of the DCT courses for the FCSWDD staff, there has been noticeable improvements in staff attitudes and witnessed improvements in communication. Utilizing the DCT objectives in the day-to-day operations, the FCSWDD has identified increased employee engagement, lower levels of employee turn-around, fewer Workers’ Compensation Claims, increased productivity (with fewer errors) and increased efficiency.

Andrew Frey, P.E., Superintendent of Operations - Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District

At the time, I didn't quite realize what I was getting myself into with Dale Carnegie Training. Thankfully, I was in a class with a group of amazing individuals and had an instructor, Elissa, who is knowledgeable, dedicated, and supportive. Elissa doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks it!

Dale Carnegie challenged me mentally to step outside my comfort zone and realize the bigger picture. The understanding of the time tested Human Relations principles, coupled with our hands on practicum, created an understanding that was easily transferable to everyday life and the professional environment.

Dale Carnegie was much more than just an eight-week course for me; it was an awakening of strength, hidden talents, and understanding. Since graduation, I have enrolled my employees in DCT and witnessed similar successes in them - noticeable improvements with measurable results. The small financial investment has returned exponential savings in operational efficiency and excellence. I will continue to utilize and support Dale Carnegie training because it makes our organization the absolute best it can be.

Kevin Hawley, Executive Director - DDA

I admire your dedication, energy and compassion - you truly live by the principles you teach! 

Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into teaching me the principles and tools to use when dealing with people. I feel a huge change within myself. Before I participated in Dale Carnegie training I was extremely nervous in front of people. I would hang back and take the "safe" approach by keeping quiet and now I realize how much I missed out on.  I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone!! Thank you again! 

Kyle Williamson, Windcreek Services