Presentation Effectiveness

Customized, on-site training allows us to work together to create a unique professional development roadmap to the future you envision. When organizations like yours want employees who are engaged with their missions, values and visions, aligned with their strategic plans, and who have the skills needed to drive performance, they turn to Dale Carnegie Training. Our customizable workshops and seminars consist of unique modular programs designed to focus on areas that are important to the success of your organization. This system was created to reinforce organizational competencies and address performance gaps while giving participants the ability to apply what has been learned in their own work environment. We are the world leader in changing "I understand where this company is going" to "I believe in where this company is going and am committed to contributing." To talk with a Certified Trainer about customized, on-site training options, please contact Elissa Ruckle, Managing Director, at 307.277.4782 or

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