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Dale Carnegie Trainingof Central Wyoming

Winning Friends & Influencing People for More than a Century
Founded in 1912 by Dale Carnegie, Dale Carnegie Training has evolved from one man's vision and belief in the power of self-improvement to an international, performance-based training company.

PERCEPTIVE  We see your inherent strengths. Your magical spark. We notice things you overlook and help you put them to good use.

OPEN  We unite people and businesses across cultures, classes and industries. We engage people at every stage of their career and life, showing them how to tap into and improve the best of themselves.

PRACTICAL  We are an action company. We focus on learning through doing; applying time-tested techniques for real-world and real-life results.

TRANSFORMATIONAL  We know growth and comfort cannot coexist because evolving, improving who you are takes guts. We create an environment that encourages you to take risks and get out out of the comfortable.

ADAPTIVE  We are not bound by geography, industry or time. For over 100 years our principles, techniques and expertise have changed the lives of people and businesses around the world.

Dale Carnegie Training is dedicated to helping people sharpen skills and improve performance to Win Friends & Influence People - building positive, consistent results. We provide training and consulting services to local companies of all sizes, in all industries and segments, to improve individual and organizational performance, productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Dale Carnegie Training is represented in all 50 of the United States and over 90 countries. More than 2700 trainers represent Dale Carnegie Training - delivering training awardprograms in more than 25 languages. There are approximately 8 million Dale Carnegie Training Graduates worldwide!

Why we are recognized internationally as the Leader in Professional Development & Training? 

We connect proven solutions with real-world challenges.

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